About Gypsy

Psychic Witch/Empath/Reiki Master & Teacher

Hello and Blessings… I am a homemaker, medium and practicing solitary witch, as well as a spiritualist, Wiccan, and Psychic Empath, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, sensitive, spirit communicator/seer and light healer. I also practice as a channeler and pet psychic/Animal Reiki Practitioner – as I am very sensitive to animals. I do house and space cleansings and clearings upon request and scheduling. My divination tools are Tarot Cards, dowsing rods to communicate with Guides, passed loved ones, Masters and Older Souls; with some aura readings, Runes, Meditation, Akashic Records, past life regression, and Reiki. I believe only in “white light” spell casting and magick and I use mediation and trance channeling to communicate on a spiritual level. I sometimes do astral projection and use symbols to decipher messages, as well as dream interpretation from other planes and realms. I practice Sigil witchcraft and love to create sigils and talismans for others! I open myself to clear and concise messages, but as with most psychics and mediums, understanding their meanings begins with questions and answers from the person I am doing my readings for, as well as the occasional need for past and historical research. I do not guarantee what comes through for each client to be exactly what you expect (as I am just the messenger), because at times distressing and traumatic messages are received, and, at times – messages do not come through at all during a setting, for some! I will also close myself to extreme negativity and harmful deities when I see necessary for self protection, as well as to protect my clients…it does sometimes happen…so be warned! I DO NOT tell the future, as the future can change with ones free will, and any one who says they can…I would steer clear of them! I am developing my women owned, local business here in Caldwell, Idaho by evolving my metaphysical and spiritual store, classes and website to have a place for like-minded souls to come! I have created some really cool metaphysical tools for practical use and am ready to introduce them to the world! I can’t wait to meet and do business with each and every one of you, so enjoy, come learn and meditate with me, and happy crafting!
Love & Light,

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